Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stroking and Edges

Stroking Exercise: practice push, glide on 2 feet with knees deeply bent, then push – keeping head level the whole time (staying down on knees)

Side lunges – the power comes from ripping the edge in the lunge and pushing into the feet together position.

New sequence: Rt. Side Lunge, Left side lunge, 2-foot twizzle to the left using right arm to propel me, repeat other side.

Power pulls – up-down-up action and let the free leg pull me along.

Forward edges down the length of the rink, really leaning into the circle. One round without changing arm or leg position until time to push.

Cross Strokes – forward. Think of a back to front Ronde De Jambe on both feet. Do them slow to really focus on the edge.

Back Cross-strokes – Do Schaffer pushes for each stroke. Cross the stepping foot more behind the other foot so it is almost perpendicular. No tip-toes. Just touch down on the bottom toe-pick. Glide on back edge longer. Hold each edge for a count of 2.

Chasses with swing at end – keep the hip of the “kicking” foot pressed back behind the other hip. Really lean into the circle. 1) push, 2) Step, 3) push then feet together. Lift and hold inside foot longer.

Back crossovers – Think of the back (leading) hand as pulling me along; keep it still. Step wide with the inside foot. Keep leading arm pressed back (instead of at 90 degree angle). Need to start doing cross cuts on both sides. On good side, hold the left back outside edge (the undercut) for a long time before uncrossing and reaching deep inside the circle. As an exercise for the bad side, do 2 back half-swizzle pushes each side, really getting deep into outside edge. Feet together between each push.

Spirals – keep back arched, then pivot forward. Practice on both feet. Lock knee, point toe, then tip forward.

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